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Werewolf Feral Kin Mission Pack


A Mission Pack is a new type of Expansion that is heavily themed around a brand new Enemy Type. It includes all of the miniatures, rules, and a large host of new cards to add these new foes to your games of Shadows of Brimstone, as well as a 4 Mission mini-campaign, themed for these new Enemies (these Missions can also be easily played as one-off adventures, adding a large amount of replayability). This set also includes an Adventure card for theming any existing Mission around the new Enemy Type included, Unique Trait cards to add deadly themed abilities to the Enemies, and a new Objective Room Map Tile.




Stalking the moonlit night, werewolves howl as they run and leap across the desert valleys, prowling the roads for unwary travelers to descend upon! A haunted and terrible form of life, the werewolf is human much of the time, until gripped by the Darkness within and transformed into a towering mass of muscle, fur, and razor-sharp claws. The ultimate supernatural killing machine, these creatures of the night slash and bite with a beastly rage and reckless abandon, often passing their Curse onto those unfortunate souls that manage to survive being shredded by their brutal attacks.


Figures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Code EAN 139781941816394
DisponibilitéEn stock
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