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The cities have fallen. Nuclear ash hangs heavy in the air. Suburbia, once the pinnacle of the American dream, is now the bloody battleground of the apocalypse. But how long can the white picket fences hold back the horde? The undead are changing, mutating into horrific abominations. Will you rely on kitchen appliances and garden tools to fend off the monsters, or embrace a few mutations of your own?


Defend the Burbs features a four-part campaign, with each chapter taking 90-120 minutes to complete. Throughout the story, your survivors will need to find a defensible home in the suburbs, and protect it from an undead onslaught every night. While the sun is up, those same survivors will need to be assigned to tasks: Search for supplies with choose-your-path scavenging missions, build fortifications using the crafting system, patrol for daytime stragglers, or even get some much needed rest. But beware - every choice you make during the day determines how many zombies will come a' knockin' when the sun goes down.



   2-5 Players, 120 Minutes, Ages 14+.

   Each player controls a squad of survivors in the post-nuclear zombie apocalypse.

   Story driven exploration and tower defense gameplay.

   Co-op and versus scenarios across a four-part campaign.

   Tactical miniature combat with modular tiles.

Code EAN 130602573040027
DisponibilitéEn stock
Date de parution10/05/2017
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